Italian Reading Practice – Il lungo viaggio

Another text in my Italian Reading Practice journey is the appropriately named Il lungo viaggio by Leonardo Sciascia. Unlike Alice in Wonderland (a reading endeavour that I talked about in a previous post), Il lungo viaggio is a short story that I have not read before in English and therefore will present different challenges.

You may be wondering why I am not focusing on one text at a time, that’s understandable, and you may also argue that I would get more out of it if I did just that. For some people this may be the case – I am not one of them. I have been studying languages for many years and over this time have been able to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t and I’ve personally found that having a large range of ‘study options’ leads to me being more motivated.

With this in mind, you will see a number of posts where I introduce the texts I am reading. I hope to add some non-fiction works to this list soon.

Once again, any questions/queries let me know!


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