Italian Vocabulary – Il Lungo Viaggio [Part 2]

Here is the second set of words from Leonardo Sciascia’s short story Il Lungo Viaggio. In the same way as I did in the previous post, I will present a list of 20 words and follow with example sentences for several of them. (part 1 part 3)



Riuscire a

Sono sicura di riuscire a trovarlo.     I’m sure I can find it.


Era una persona furba e non era facile nascondergli qualcosa.    He was a cunning person and it was not easy to hide things from him.


Il vino traboccava dalla brocca.      The wine was overflowing from the jug.


I hope this has been interesting. I am considering also putting these vocabulary lists on memrise/anki – I’ll let you know if this happens!





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