Italian Vocabulary – Il Lungo Viaggio

Chi ha lingua passa il mare

‘With a tongue in your head you can travel the world’

The idiomatic phrase above, which has no direct English equivalent (that I have been able to find), holds an idea that I believe will resonate with many language learners. The English translation is that of Avril Bardoni who translated Il lungo viaggio into English.

In the same fashion as I did previously for Alice nel paese delle meraviglie I wanted to share some of the vocabulary I have come across so far in reading Il lungo viaggio. (part 2part 3)

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So far, the vocabulary has been largely related to the elements and to nature. There are also many nautical words that I was unfamiliar with and that I will share with you in a future post. At present I am trying to limit the words for each post to 20, as I feel this is a reasonable amount.

Ideally I would also provide example sentences for each of these words – however that is unrealistic and would be much too long. Instead I have found some example sentences for just a few of them, as you can see below.


Mi disse apposta un indirizzo sbagliato.

She told me a wrong address on purpose.


Il fuoco si spense solo il mattino seguente.

The fire went out by itself the following morning.


La banca assicura gli investimenti dell’azienda.

The bank guarantees the company’s investments.


If you would like examples for any of the other words, let me know! I’ll keep you updated as I make my way through the short story.



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