My linguistic aspirations

I want to dream in my target languages.

Perhaps to be more accurate (or realistic), I want to daydream in my target languages.  This is a strange aspiration, I know, but what kind of language learner would I be if my ultimate goal was not to be so comfortable in my abilities that I think in another language unconsciously?

At this moment I am quite far away from making this dream a reality. To give you a bit of background, I hold a BA in Linguistics from a UK university and have been studying languages on and off for most of my academic life. My current language endeavours focus on Japanese and Italian, as well as attempts to improve my written skills in English (fingers crossed this blog will help!).

It is my goal to use this blog as a means of documenting and recording my language studies, and to share tips on learning techniques and resources as I come across them.

Once I start posting regularly please don’t hesitate to throw some ideas my way! Especially if there are any particular aspects of Japanese/Italian/English you would like to know about.


See you soon!

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