SPOSARE – verbs #1

One area where I always feel I am lacking in knowledge is verbs. Not the conjugation per se, more just not knowing enough of them to make myself understood.

To start with, I will be selecting (at random) a verb from the book 501 Italian Verbs and making notes on certain aspects including: meaning, gerund form, past participle, and whether it takes avere or essere (I’ll cover compound tenses in a future post). Let’s begin.


SPOSARE: to marry

Gerund: sposando

Past Participle: sposato

Conjugates with avere

Reflexive: sposarsi   “to get married”

Sample sentences:

Le ha chiesto di sposarlo     He asked her to marry him

Ci sposò il sindaco     The mayor married us

Io penso che sarebbe bellissimo sposarsi.    I think it would be great to get married
Related words/expressions:

il matrimonio     matrimony, wedding

lo sposalizio     wedding ceremony

le nozze      wedding

in luna di miele     on honeymoon

sposa/o      bride/groom

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